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Human lungs breathe 11,000 liters of air daily; 10,000 liters is polluted indoor air.

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Indoor Air Contamination

Carbon Dioxide
Volatile Organic Compounds
Carbon Monoxide
NO 2
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About Us

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A team  of specialists at indoor air quality. Our services are embraced with a team of specialized advisors, international consultants and a dedicated team of engineers & technicians.  We follow the world’s best standards using the most advanced technologies to sustain best results.

Our Mission

ICI's company mission is to turn the air you breath indoors whether at work at or home into the most qualitative air that can be consumed, making you win against all air pollutant illnesses and sustaining a healthy life.

Founder: Majdi Munjed Murad

The Air We Breathe

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A Human Hair is 100 micrometer in size. Particulates range from 10 to 2.5 micrometer,  they are dangerous, only specialized  microscopes can see them & labs define them.

Air we breathe inside buildings is not something one can see, only special microscopes can witness that it carries pollutants of viruses, bacteria & molds, unfortunately, they all enter our lungs.

STOP allergies, illnesses and low immunity; fix the injured air and start breathing freshness all the time BECAUSE ici company does it and maintains it  healthy at all times.

These particles are invisible to the human eye. 

The Big Issue

Imagine taking a small pencil, make the smallest dot you can, take a couple of steps back and you will hardly be able to see it. In the world of the air we breath inside buildings; pollution is often carried in dots one hundred times smaller than that pencil dot which can only be seen by special microscopes; these flying dots in the air are called pollutants or particulates and they are often carriers of molds, viruses, bacteria, fungus and dust.

All such particulates have become the air we breath either because they were vetted inside the air conditioning and heating systems because they are the principle paths to the air distribution we enjoy or someone may have entered the building carrying such a pollutant and left it there naturally through their breathing. They are everywhere, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, schools, etc.. Unfortunately we spend 90% of our times inside mixed types of buildings, causing illnesses such as headaches, respiratory illnesses, allergies, immune diseases, heart illness only to name a few.

Parallel with such issues are humidity & Carbon levels which must be resolved accordingly within particular solutions.


Turn your current indoor air into healthy & safe air 

The Problem

The air we breath inside our buildings is invisible , yet it is carrying with it particulates that only specialized microscopes can see them.  Such particulates can be very harmful to a human’s health especially that most of such particulates are identified as dust, mold, viruses, bacteria & fungus.

The Solution

We attend to the above issue in a scientific way depending on the facility type.  We will provide you with the evidence of your facility’s pollutants and resolve the problem leaving no stone unturned, following that we attend to ensuring healthy air is permanently secured through regular maintenance and our 24/7 monitoring.


The Benefits to your facility:

  • Energy Efficiencies increased in performance.

  • Energy Bills reduced due to efficiencies.

  • Maintenance Costs reduced due to clear pathways.

  • Odors Eliminated and replaced with 24/7  fresh organic scent.

  • Staff Sick-Leaves immediate reduction due to better health.

  • Staff Performance increased due to elimination of viral pollutants.

  • Health Insurance policies’ costs & employee’s litigation reduced. 

  • Branding Opportunities due to the facility’s certification.

  • ISO Applications pre-qualified and SGS Certified for the Facility. 

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The Benefits to your health:

  • Breathe Easier, something that tends to be taken for granted until trouble arises. Now, with easier breathing stress levels are drastically reduced and possibly eliminated and good health is inhibited, kicking away potential illnesses.

  • Removes Allergens, when we are allergic to something, that’s our bodies telling us that we cannot tolerate that thing. That means, the more you are exposed to airborne allergens, the more likely you will be to become ill. Having good clean indoor air gives the body time to recover, letting you be at your best when you head back outdoors.

  • Sleep Better, cleaner air means we will have the ability to rest easier and are less likely to get sick. This reduction in our stress levels makes sleep come more readily. But cooler air temperatures also help us to continue the rest of the day better.

  • Toxins Reduction, results in the disappearance of futuristic major health problems. Toxins, when not circulating in the air then excess carbon dioxide, radon, volatile compounds and more have been removed from entering your lungs and body system.

  • Enhance Immunity, with less viruses, molds, fungus and volatiles being around us 90% of the time; our lungs and bodies are less vulnerable to become victims of mixed illnesses.

  • Better Moods, it is factual and not silly. The American Psychological Association reported that cleaner air helps to keep people happier and more satisfied.



Inspect & Confirm

Advanced Technologies

Scent Organic Materials to HVAC

Target Air Paths

Cleaned, Steamed & Sterilized

Purifiers, Sensors & Monitor

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Filter Upgrade plus U.V.

24/7 Maintenance

Our service science is intensive, every facility type is different in the approach of cleaning their air, though most principles remain the same. Identifying pollutants and resolving the problems permanently with regular maintenance is the ground for works, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is a process for reaching  desired healthy platforms.

Permanent solutions will be placed for upkeep of continuous healthy air in the facility such as  upgraded filters, U.V. solutions, purifiers, monitors and industrial organic scents.

Success, would be branded for the facility ”Certified for Best Indoor Air Quality”

iCi will now cloud engineer the indoor air quality standards of the facility 24/7 to ensure that the standards reached remain at desired levels and the certification earned can live up to it’s daily claim.

Living Walls

Indoor Living Walls

Once all necessary work has been completed to clear the polluted air in a facility; our new mission will be to maintain the highest standard of air quality 24 / 7. We address that by applying advanced technologies through two mechanisms: 


(1) Engage particular types of purifiers that work on Nano Technologies 

(2) Create living farm walls based on Biophilic designs that have been certified by NASA for indoor air purification. 


We Monitor Purifiers’ & Living Farm Walls performance remotely and maintain them weekly.


Living Walls are a solution we provide to clients as part of our maintenance obligations. Clients who witness our solutions can have a Biophilic tailored design to their taste as an independent project, sometimes such walls can be extremely oversized with a large impact.

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Air purifier.png

Industry Sectors

⦿ Commercial Buildings
⦿ Medical Clinics
⦿ Hospitals
⦿ Laboratories
⦿ Pharma Manufacturing Plants
⦿ Food Manufacturing Plants

⦿ Hospitality
⦿ Post Construction
⦿ Roasting Houses
⦿ Gyms, Clubs & Spas
⦿ Selective Govt. Sectors
⦿ Airports & Crowd Stations

⦿ Research Institutes
⦿ Showrooms
⦿ Schools & Universities
⦿ Specialized Workshops
⦿ Homes

3rd Party Certification

Industry Standards & Associates

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