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The Problem

The air we breath inside our buildings is invisible , yet it is carrying with it particulates that only specialized microscopes can see them.  Such particulates can be very harmful to a human’s health especially that most of such particulates are identified as dust, mold, viruses, bacteria & fungus. What can make matters worse is that the environment of such air flow could be within unacceptable humidity and co2 levels in addition to unpleasant odors. Illnesses and allergies may result due to such an atmospheric compound.

Air we breath seen under microscope

The Air we breath inside buildings is not something you can see, only microscopes can see these pollutants carrying viruses, bacteria & molds, they all enter our lungs. Stop  allergies, illnesses and low immunity; fix the injured air and start breathing freshness all the time!


The Solution

We attend to the above issue in a scientific way depending on the facility type.  We will provide you with the evidence of your facility’s pollutants and resolve the problem leaving no stone unturned, following that we attend to ensuring healthy air is permanently secured through regular maintenance and our 24/7 monitoring. A Third Audit Party will always verify the works.

Success, would be branded for the facility ”Certified for Best Indoor Air Quality”. The facility can also add to its engagement ISO Indoor Air Quality Certification.

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